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Natural Lashes | 45 lashes per eye | $150

The Natural Look will enhance your lashes so they are longer, thicker and more luscious, while maintaining a slightly more conservative look.

Voluminous Lashes | 65 lashes per eye | $200

The most popular look, this set adds additional definition and thickness to create a style that is stunning, yet looks effortless.

Dramatic Lashes | 85 lashes per eye | $250

Nothing short of Glamorous, this set is ideal for those who want a bold, daring set of lashes.

*If you would like more than 85 lashes per eye, and your lash line safely allows additional lashes, there will be a $50 charge per 40 lashes (20 lashes per eye).



2 Week: $50

3 Week: $75

4Week: $100

*anything after 4 weeks will be assessed- a new set may be necessary


Et Cetra…

Bye Bye Old Lashes- Lash Removal | $50

If you would like to switch to Xtreme Lashes from your old extensions a 48 hour wait period is necessary between removal and re-lash.

Color Lashes | $10

Add a splash of color! Inquire about available colors.